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Who cares how great looking your website is if your audience isn't finding it?
UPLONE strategic formulas help companies get found, increasing relevant traffic across the web — targeting organic search engine result pages and pay-per-click advertising including Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Oh, by the way, we make pretty websites too, especially Shopify eCommerce ones,
if that's all you need!

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UPLONE digital marketing helps businesses create reach and achieve higher search rankings and higher returns on the investments they make in their web assets!

Building a great looking website nowadays isn't THE challenge. There are many low-cost CMS tools and great looking website templates available. In fact, I develop and update websites daily for clients, but some clients build and update their own websites — and I recommend they do if they can. With millions of great looking sites out there, THE challenge then becomes driving traffic to websites and standing out from very crowded search results.
Creating this reach is where UPLONE is THE expert!

My name is Dennis Ryan, and I'm the Founder and Chief SEO at UPLONE. I've been doing search engine marketing (SEM) for global companies since 2005. I've worked through several major search algorithm updates and reacted preemptively for my clients. No client of mine was adversely hit by any algorithm shifts. My SEO is clean. A secret to ranking well in Google is to at least respect Google's standards. Following their SEO quality guidelines, which creates the best content and user experience for Google's customers, so Google will be proud to show your site and rank it highly. That part is simple.

I focus on search engine marketing (SEM), so I can be an expert and bring clients the highest level of results and return on their investment in me. I also help agencies and work as a consultant to C-level executives on digital marketing strategies.

I've helped local and global companies show up on page 1 of Google, Bing & Yahoo! and I can help you too. Search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, mobile click-to-call (CTC) campaigns, and search engine marketing (SEM) all work powerfully together to increase your brand presence and website traffic. I'm guessing you’ve heard those acronyms before, but what do they mean for business? Better yet, how can they increase your enterprise’s return on its marketing and ad spend investment?

UPLONE is the right SEO and SEM to help get your company showing in search with top rankings, which will significantly contribute to the success of your business.

Is your search working for your business the way it should: 24/7/365? Let your website work for you, even while you sleep!

UPLONE recently helped a global software company get on page 1 (from page 4) on Google. Their website traffic and leads have increased by 400% from this substantial upward move in search engine result page (SERP) rankings!

Do you want to achieve higher SERP rankings for your business? Call me today on my direct line (717) 964-8736. I can discuss options for how UPLONE can help your business show higher in search.

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UPLONE creates reach with a one-two punch, driving ROI for clients through highly strategic search engine marketing while offering essential digital marketing services including website design & development, Shopify eCommerce, data synchronization & migration, email marketing & automation, multimedia design, and branding!

Why SEO?
To get found.

Search engine optimization is still the most prevalent marketing activity across agencies, says The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) industry report on online marketing activities. Showing that across 92% of agencies, SEO is still tops, and is significantly higher YOY. With online consumers ignoring banners and browsers using blocking technologies for pop-ups ads, marketers must find a way to reach their customers. UPLONE's formulas work!


If you ain't on page 1, you ain't getting clicks. Period. A recent study by Chitika (an online ad network) found that 91% of all clicks from search queries happen on page 1. What traffic are you missing out on from search? For over 10 years, I've been helping businesses increase their position on the top engines – Google and Bing. In fact, I got Scala on page 1 for the phrase “digital signage”. As with anything else... hire the right person because experience matters.

How much?
It's worth it.

Page 1 SEO is not easy. If it were, you’d do it yourself. Hiring the wrong SEO can be expensive. Negative SEO is real. I've had success for other companies and I can for you too. I can tell you from experience that when I'm successful getting your company on page 1 locally or internationally, the increase in traffic, as a result, pays for the investment in me. I have flexible packages to fit most any marketing budget, and all search optimization contracts come with reporting so you can easily and quickly gauge return on investment (ROI).

When do I start?

Organic SEO takes time. Paid search you can see results on the same day. Traditional advertising is no longer working, so if you're still paying for that, you need to talk to me. Invest in SEO today and put your marketing dollars to work in a smart, effective way. Search based advertising is a top ROI process for enterprises, with 84% indicating they run paid campaigns. UPLONE tweaks PPC campaigns to get the maximum clicks at the minimum cost. High quality-scoring landing pages and running efficient campaigns significantly increase returns.

An image that visiually represents how Sweet Retargeting Campaigns can be

Sweet Retargeting Campaigns

What is retargeting? Deliver customized ad content to potential customers over and over across many channels on the Internet, depending on page content and relevant cookies.

An image that visiually reinforces Focus of PPC Remarketing

Focus Your PPC w/ Remarketing!

What is Remarketing? When someone visits your website, you place a cookie, and then show them ads later on other related sites or forums. Huge conversion potential!


An image that visiually represents awesome Awe Inspiring Display Ads

Awe Inspiring Display Ads

The right display network can be powerful – Have your banner ads ONLY show on web pages with relevant content or to audiences that have expressed interest in your specific product or industry. Relevant ads can drive conversions through the roof! PPC monthly services cover initial set up, monthly management, and monitoring. Most clients typically use Google Ads, but I've seen great success with others like Facebook and LinkedIn Ads, depending on audience metrics.


An image that visiually represents Search Engine Optimization complexities

Search Engine Optimization

Improving on a business's search rankings is not an easy task; in fact, it's quite tricky and is an ongoing process, especially if your target is page 1.

There is no shortage of people saying they can help you show higher in Google (some of them are kids fresh out of college that read a few blogs on SEO and then call themselves search engine experts), but you have to be very careful about whom you hire to do your search engine optimization. Cheap SEO tactics can adversely affect your rankings and sales.

Pssst.... Google's SEO team, formerly headed up by Matt Cutts, also reads the same blogs about “How to do search engine optimization” and adjusts their algorithms accordingly. I can't tell you the number of times I had to go in a fix a business's reputation and rankings after a cheap SEO took their money and ran. To optimize for search engines correctly, you need expertise and experience, not just to follow the latest tweet “Top 10 things to do for SEO”. Before you hire an SEO, ask for a track record of search engine success.

An image that visiually represents the race to Reach Your Customers

Reach Your Customers

Your site needs to be fast and responsive nowadays. Mobile search is converting at a higher rate than ever before. Mobile SEO is important! Whether by a phone, a tablet, or a laptop, folks are finding solutions to their needs through search engines. Make sure your business is shown higher than your competition in search results.

Important points:

  • SEARCH RESULTS are vital to the growth of any business in today’s eCommerce rich, web world.
  • Every day, millions of advertising dollars shift from traditional advertising media to the Internet. And these dollars will never move back!

An image that visiually represents how Page 1 SERP dominance is key to clicks

Page 1 SERP dominance is key

Attention to where your website shows up on the search engine results pages (SERPs) is paramount. Google can make or break a business. I've seen businesses double sales volumes (and then they want to give me a big hug) due to the simple fact that their business is now showing up on page 1 of Google's search engine results. The difference is mind-blowing.
I cannot overstate the value of page 1 results, even for Bing. Whether that be on a local or international level, it's critical.

A few examples I pay attention to when auditing a site and its content: optimization of your business’ site content, showing attribution, obtaining organic link acquisition, etc. It takes keyword discovery, meta-description and analysis, link analysis, competitive keyword analysis, social account tracking, ranking comparisons to competitors, and paying attention to the all-important page load speed, just to name a few. Common surface problems I usually find are improper header tags, broken links, poor keyword selection and saturation, etc. at the very least. But the real power of UPLONE's formulas lay deep below the on-page tactics.

I also provide analytics and reporting on monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for indicators such as website traffic, bounce rate, time on the site, how people are finding your website, what keywords they are using, Geo-targets, demographics, and goals to monitor lead conversion ratios.

I know the recommendations from Google. Heck, I heard them straight from the horse's mouth last time I was at the SMX West and the International Search Summit in San Jose, CA. I also know how to read between the lines based on industry shifts and using common sense on how to make the best decisions for Google's customers – and my formula continues to prevail. There are simply no quick fixes to propel your company to the top of Google's rankings, and there shouldn't be. It takes honest hard work, care, and quality content. And that means hiring the right search engine optimizer.

An image that visiually represents the the quest to Optimize for search

The importance of organic SEO

Today your customers are searching for solutions to their needs through major search engines like Bing, Yahoo! and Google. This means that more and more ad dollars and customer eyeballs are moving online and away from The Yellow Pages and other traditional advertising print mediums. UPLONE focuses on organic search optimization for our clients and their websites. We focus on Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) because it handles the majority of global search queries. Isn’t it about time your website captured more of this customer shift by becoming one of those ’10 blue links’ on Google’s page 1 of organic search results?

We focus on making our client web sites search engine friendly so that the engine’s search-bots can scan their sites with ease and rank their websites with top results. Search engine optimization is a recommended web design goal for all clients.

Again, the percent of business attracted by search engines is growing exponentially. Your business needs to show up high in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Consumers are first turning to search engines like Google to find companies that cater to their needs.

Is your website invisible to the search engines?

Google is constantly changing their search algorithms and formulas to help their search-bots index web sites effectively. Google alters these formulas to stay current with the Internet and control search spammers and cheaters. What does all this mean to your business website? It means that your site may not be as visible to the search-bots therefore, not bringing the highest amount of traffic to your site.

UPLONE realizes the importance of optimizing websites for search engines; in fact, our SEO may have brought you here today.

What is YOUR Google Page Rank???

Page Rank is a variable that Google uses in its billion-dollar search results formula. Page Rank is built on a proprietary algorithm that formulates how popular your web page really is on the Internet.

PPC & PPI Social Media Advertising

UPLONE also does paid ad optimization across social outlets, with formulas very similar to our Google ones used for Google Ads. Success breeds success. Campaigns work very much the same for Google pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-impression (PPI) advertising as it does across Bing, YouTube, Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Pinterest, TicTok, and LinkedIn.

shopify partner logo for Shopify expert or Shopify consultant


UPLONE is a Shopify Partner because the Shopify framework is second to none. It's faster and more secure than WooCommerce, the only other real eCommerce contender, and since Google loves fast loading pages, then you should too!

If you've launched your Shopify site using free or paid templates but now need more branding and customization power to run your business online, then look no further than UPLONE. As Shopify experts, we design, develop, and even build custom apps, plugins, and connectors to offer clients robust commerce solutions, utilizing custom JavaScript integrated with Shopify's Liquid framework.

If you're asking questions like: are Shopify websites SEO friendly, can I customize a Shopify website, do Shopify websites work, or even higher level stuff like how do I edit Shopify websites, how do I optimize Shopify websites for traffic and search, or even data specific FAQs including:

  • How can I sync my accounting software data to Shopify?
  • I currently have 30,000+ SKUs in my inventory management software. Is that too many to realistically export and correctly rebuild in Shopify?
  • Can I export any of my web customers from my current SaaS ERP or CRM software like NetSuite into Shopify?
  • Can I export orders and history from the EBMS eCommerce Module into Shopify?
  • Can I keep my product data, including images synchronized from NetSuite to Shopify?
  • Can I keep my inventory counts up to date in real-time?
  • Can I export images of products out of my ERP software and automatically upload them to Shopify?
Then you've come to the right place. We can help. Our agency handles Shopify consulting also.

EBMS Shopify data import/export, migration experts and consultants

Data Synchronization & Migration

Understanding that up-to-date inventories, products, and data are critical for any eCommerce store or point-of-sale (POS) to be successful, UPLONE specializes in consulting and programming services to export inventory, customers, and related product data from Eagle Business Software for importing into Shopify, Amazon Marketplace, eBay, and Google Merchant Center (for Google Shopping and Google Ad campaigns). Our data services go above and beyond the standard reporting and exporting features found in EBMS. We have the ability to pull any data, even fields that are built ‘on the fly’ that do not have standard field names to map to.

Many of our clients across the United States and Canada use EBMS. Having worked with Eagle’s accounting software for more than 6 years (including robust experience helping design some of the eCommerce module's framework), UPLONE fully understands and has tons of expertise in this inventory management & ERP software. Being a certified Google Partner and Shopify Partner, UPLONE is in THE unique position to be able to offer exclusive, unparalleled data manipulation and data migration services for medium and small businesses that utilize Eagle Business Management Software for accounting, payroll, and other enterprise resource planning protocols.

UPLONE has experience and know-how on synchronization of databases and mapping fields via scheduled and real-time exports, using Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS), REST APIs, and custom-built Shopify apps. We can pull data out of the EBMS database and into Shopify and other eCommerce channels, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Marketplaces, automatically syncing customers, orders, fulfillment, inventory, products, payment capture, refunds & cancellations. Export and sync product IDs, manufacturer numbers, vendor names, prices (including price levels), serial names, images (along with image variants)—in addition to typical fields in EBMS like Title, Description 1, Description 2, and even Product Attributes seamlessly. Anything that needs to be synchronized or exported, we can create a custom script to handle it. We’ve even captured folder and subfolder level naming to salvage and convert usable data in several ways, across third-party products. Keep your data in-sync! Avoid the potential costly mistakes and headaches that managing multiple data sets across different business channels can create.

Most of the businesses we work with have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours building their inventory correctly—and with care in EBMS. We help them not waste hundreds or thousands of more hours rebuilding their database in a new system, saving our clients time and money migrating their data efficiently, with care.

An image that visiually represents White Label search services and consulting for agencies

White Hat. White Label.

If you're an agency or consultant, and you need SEO help for your clients also, I get that. Proper and clean search optimization is not easy. I have a great formula, though, and I can white label the process and its success for you and your clients.

Search Engine Marketing Portfolio

UPLONE has been helping global, national, and local clients create reach with strategic digital marketing since 2005! More than a few global software companies like Scala, RES Software, and FreedomPay have trusted us with Shopify ecommerce website design, programming, SEO, PPC, branding, along with other essential digital marketing services.

These six client examples are, to name a few. For more examples of the positive return-on-investment of our merchants' experience, contact us! We have clients in Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Warminster, Lancaster, Radnor, Wayne, Exton, Plymouth Meeting, Allentown, York, Reading, Gap, Downingtown, PA | Raleigh, NC | Huntington Beach, CA | Denver, CO | Atlanta, GA | Fredericksburg, VA | Niagara Falls, NY | Millington, MI | Mullica Hill, Williamstown, Sewell, NJ | Catharines, Ontario | Tillsonburg, Ontario, and growing...

Shopify Experts at UPLONE Know the Importance of Keyword Research


Curious about what search engine optimization is? Like any business, you want your business to rank number one on Google's page 1. Let this quick Google tutorial from a Shopify expert help you understand the basics of SEO. This video will talk about what a search engine results page means in the basics of search terms. It will also help you with keyword research ideas and how to find keywords that will get your products in front of your customers. Most importantly, this video can introduce you to how to optimize your e-commerce site for on-page SEO. These simple strategies like optimizing your title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, and, very importantly, images will enable you to create highly consumable content for both your customers and, most importantly, Google. If this tutorial organically wets your search marketing taste buds, contact us because while this video has some powerful tidbits, it just scratches the Shopify and Google surface.

Learn more about Google's Quality Guidelines for search optimization.

Trust an official Google Partner!

UPLONE, an official Google Partner

Take care with your search optimization efforts! Hiring the wrong SEO will hurt. Since where you show on Google can make or break your business, you'll want to be very careful with whom you hire. Don't just read a blog about "How to increase SEO" and follow those steps on your business website. Experience matters.
You have to optimize with care and love these days!

Ready to start your next marketing quest with UPLONE? That's great! Give me a call or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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