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Global, international website design, development, and international SEO

Think a website is just a website?

Well, maybe so, but if your company has offices scattered across the globe, chances are you know there’s a difference. You know that:

  • Different host locations have different rules, and if you care about international SEO, then you care about Geo-targets (AKA different host locations).
  • Corporate, regional offices in other parts of the world have unique needs, not to mention translation considerations.
  • Design is portrayed in very different ways depending on the culture of the audience.

If you are thinking globally, then you need a solution that is robust and secure. We have that solution and the experience to execute on many levels. Talk to us today to learn more.

Not just any Content Management Systems will do!

You won’t be able to throw your website into just any content management system (CMS) and expect it to function correctly across regions, marketing teams, content providers, and different languages. The CMS you choose for your business needs to be secure! You want your site to be protected so that no one can hack into your shared server and overwrite your index.php file, essentially destroying your website. We know how to protect against this, and we offer contingency plans for such scenarios.

8 must-have features for a global CMS:

  1. Security – most business owners are busy and don’t have time to waste on updating frequent patches, upgrades, or worse – site rebuilds.
  2. Ease of use – multi-users mean multi-levels of understanding. The right CMS makes the difference.
  3. Robust design capabilities – different cultures have different levels of design interpretations. Your business doesn’t want to look ‘too American’ with its global website presence due to limited design flexibility.
  4. Translation – content translation is an absolute need for a global website, and it has to offer the ability to translate content and the user interface (UI) also, so your content providers that may be scattered across the globe can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. There is one CMS in particular that handles website translation very well.
  5. Workflow – pages shouldn’t just have the option to be private or public. There should be a systematic flow to any serious content approval process.
  6. User roles – A Human Resources Manager doesn’t need to have access to update the Product section of a website, that’s for R&D, but the HR person absolutely needs to have access to the Careers section. Not every user should have total access across your global website. User roles are crucial to effectively managing the collaboration of multiple teams across a single unit, like a global website. And user roles need a certain level of sophistication that only specific CMS(s) offer.
  7. Automation – anyone that has work to do knows automation is his or her friend. We like making our clients’ lives easier, and using automation abilities correctly definitely accomplishes this.
  8. Rolling back-ups – the CMS you are looking for has to have the database and all its system files in secure back-up locations. We know of CMS tools that will schedule and automate this process. Frequent backups are essential and will save you headaches in the long run!

Does your current global website accommodate all of the above? If not, contact us. We develop and design for a content management system that covers all the above features of a global CMS. And best of all… it’s open-source, which can be a tremendous weight off your global marketing budget’s shoulders. This means you’ll have more money for that advertisement you’ve wanted to run, or for that upcoming trade show you’ve always wanted to attend.